Healthcare Guidance Letter, September 2023

R(obert) Ernest (Ernie) Mahaffey – (Born May 3, 1946)

Doctors and hospitals – Rush Medical Center, Chicago

I will always prefer to get to Rush as a first stop for whatever serious medical needs I have. I am an organ donor.

Rush University Medical Center
1620 W Harrison St, Chicago, IL 60612, United States
+1 888 352 7874


Legal Documents


I usually wear a necklace with gold pendant having the URL (www.emahaffey.net/poa) to my personal website which includes this information in detail.


Healthcare and Estate Guidance letter, September 2023

Healthcare POA
– Illinois:

Healthcare POA – NY State:

Healthcare POA – Florida

Property POA – Illinois

WILL – Illinois

TRUST – Illinois

My preferences are also spelled out in my will, trust documents and various powers of attorney (healthcare, property) which are kept with Melanie L. Witt, Esc. at:

Witt Law, P.C.
77 Washington Street, Suite 1014
Chicago, Illinois 60602
127 East Main Street, Barrington, Illinois 60010

Healthcare Powers of Attorney

Barbara Craig, my niece (813) 695-1297 is authorized in the relevant health Care Powers of Attorney to may make life or death decisions.  She is encouraged to obtain guidance from the Northern Trust Company, Rush Medical Center and our doctor, David Buyer, M.D.

Lane Mahaffey (813) 817-0384, Barbara’s brother and my nephew, is her successor agent.

My doctor, Dr. David Buyer has copies of my healthcare powers of attorney as does Dale Rudy (Northern Trust Company), who would currently be my likely Executor of Wills and Trust.


Financial managers

Northern Trust Bank manages my financial accounts, banking, investments and trust accounts.

It has been my long time and well documented instruction that, other than a few personal bequests as outlined in our wills and trusts, my financial assets pass to donor advised fund at the Chicago Community Trust to be disbursed to designated charitable organizations.

The Northern Trust team, currently led by Anne Stevens, knows the most about how I’ve planned my resources, and her team knows a lot about me personally. In Northern Trust’s role as trustee, the team can make financial, living and burial decisions for me according at their discretion, in the event of our death or incompetence as certified by a doctor, but not life or death decisions which are covered in our health care power of attorney.


My attorney for trust documents, powers of attorney and wills is Melanie Witt, Melanie L. Witt, Esc. (312) 613-6305.

My domiciles

Currently Chicago IL, St. Petersburg FL, Chautauqua NY:

65 East Monroe, Apt 4005, Chicago, IL 60603
27 South Terrace, Chautauqua, NY 14722
3100 Central Ave, #137, St. Petersburg FL 60612

While I am mobile, in command of my faculties and fully independent, I would prefer to live in my own homes. In the event I need nursing or memory care and am not competent to make appropriate decisions, my wish is to be placed into a facility that offers a full continuum of care and a safe, caring and stimulating environment.

If at that time I own a pet or pets, I would prefer a facility that allows me to keep them with me.

Funeral and burial wishes

I wish to be cremated, and do not wish to have funeral services, but would welcome services of thanksgiving for those family and friends who wish to attend (my estate documents will specify a small sum to underwrite celebration expenses). I have no preference whether and where remains are kept.